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Product Number: HX3038

The Multi-Size Wheel Nut Indicator

HexChex™ is the first and only Multi-Size wheel nut indicator with many benefits for truck fleets and retail. Apart from being easy to use, the efficiency of a Multi-Size product has a significant impact on overhead costs and stock management. The unique ratchet design allows HexChex™ to fit a range of nut sizes and the mechanism can be quickly secured by hand. The Multi-Size HexChex™ are available covering the range of wheel nuts between 30mm and 38mm (metric and imperial) with more sizes to come. Developed specifically for Australia’s harsh conditions, this durable Australian made product has been tested to perform at extreme temperatures.


  • Range 30mm – 38mm
  • Metric and Imperial
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Secure by Hand
  • Fast Easy Application
  • Engineering Polymer
  • Durable ISO Material
  • High Temperature
  • Reusable

Why Use HexChex™

HexChex™ assists routine wheel maintenance through visual monitoring. A simple walkaround inspection will quickly identify the loose nuts, focusing your attention where it is needed. Using HexChex™ is easy, saves time, saves money and most importantly, reduces the risk of wheel failure, offering peace of mind and increased safety for all road users.


Product Number: LHRLB50259

50mm x 9mtr 2.5tonne Longhaul Ratchet Strap Assembly.

$22.13 incl GST Each | OR | Buy a box of 5 – $103.95 incl. GST